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Almost Retired

John & Cindy

Age: 61 and 58

Primary Goals

John and Cindy are preparing for retirement and want to notify their employers soon.

They’ve saved well and have accumulated accounts across many different institutions. It looks messy. 

They have two children and three grandchildren, though none of them live close by. They have inexpensive hobbies and live modestly in a home that is almost mortgage free. 

Their Concerns

John and Cindy are confident they can retire and live within their means. But, managing healthcare expenses has them concerned.

Some housekeeping is in order as well. The thought of managing monthly distributions across so many different  investment platforms makes their stomachs churn.

Specifically, they want to know:

  • What should we do for healthcare costs between now and age 65, particularly if we plan to travel?
  • Are we investing in the right things?
  • How can we consolidate investment accounts? What if we mess it up?
  • Are we supposed to save money in retirement? How do we go from net savers to net spenders?
  • How will our taxes change if we move to be closer to our grandkids?

The Solution

John and Cindy started with a short call to lay out their questions and concerns. They followed up with a meeting to get into the weeds.

There’s an understandable mix of excitement and uncertainty when it comes to retirement. Their planner listened to their concerns and desires, took notes, and helped John and Cindy document these into measurable goals. 

Once the vision was clear and financials were known, their planner created a custom retirement plan for the soon-to-be retirees.

The Outcome

With the help of their planner, John and Cindy were able to:

  • Consolidate accounts
  • Increase their portfolio’s yield and generate a reliable retirement income stream
  • Learn the healthcare options that suit them best
  • Transition from savers to spenders
  • Develop a ‘Plan B’ for life on the other side of the country

With a plan in place, John and Cindy are finally feeling confident about handing in their retirement notices. They’ll be more hugs with the grandkids, more road trips and sightseeing, and less time spent fretting over money.

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