This Ransomware Attack Is going to hit you where it hurts… the Pocketbook.


Jim Stewart     May 12, 2021 Cyber threats are increasing on both the personal and corporate levels. You’re probably familiar with phishing attempts and outlandish “help” emails coming from a foreign prince. Its typically easy enough to sniff out the bad actors that slip through your spam filter. But corporations face attacks that come at […]

Silver Investing During a Rally

Silver Coin and Gold Pocket Watch

Investors in silver and gold made a nice profit this month as the two metals continued their incredible rally. Gold is up nearly 35% year to date while Silver is up about 49%. The figures look even better if you had bought during the March lows. Why the surge? A weak US dollar and murky […]

Oil hits the “Bargain Bin” amidst another day of extreme volatility

March 10, 2020 By Matt Bacon Yesterday was a record day in the markets as oil prices fell nearly 30% amidst another day of extreme volatility. On Sunday, March 8th an alliance on oil output between Saudi Arabia and Russia collapsed. The two oil- dependent economies had been restraining supply since 2017 to prop up […]