How to get the maximum ACA subsidy when retiring before 65

More and more Americans are retiring before reaching age 65 and qualifying for Medicare. This brings up a thorny issue: what can be done for health insurance coverage in those intervening years? A marketplace/Affordable Care Act (ACA) plan, COBRA, or a spouse’s coverage all make for good options. But COBRA comes with a time limit […]

12 Must Know FAQs to Get Ready For Medicare

Navigating the transition from private health insurance to Medicare can feel daunting. Although Medicare is a complicated enough system, getting ready for enrollment is straightforward. You just need to ensure you’re read up on the subject. Remember, Medicare is offered individually to each person who enrolls. You cannot cover a spouse under your Medicare coverage. […]

Bridging the Gap to Medicare when Retiring Early

Matt Bacon 9/20/21 Early retirement is a dream for many. But it’s a dream that requires careful planning, particularly when it comes to managing your healthcare options. It can be a mad scramble to find affordable, quality healthcare coverage in the intervening years between retirement and Medicare eligibility. When Medicare does kick in you will […]

How to Navigate the financial impact of long-term care

A successful retirement has as much to do with saving money and investing well as it does with managing risk. And when it comes to managing risk, you have four options – absorb the risk, avoid it, reduce it, or transfer it. The order of operations is to avoid risk when you can. Take measures […]

How to Avoid the IRMAA Medicare Surcharge


You may not be aware, but Medicare is means-tested. Earning above certain thresholds during retirement could see you get hit with a Medicare income-related monthly adjustment amount (IRMAA), which is a fancy way of saying that you’ll pay more. This can be a nasty surprise. Case in point: a 65 year old married couple retiring […]