Define Your Vision

Build Your Strategy

Accomplish Your Goals

We’ll help you create a plan that does all three.

Because we specialize in mapping the retirement journey, we understand what it looks like to embark on a path that feels unknown – and we’ve built that into how we work with our clients. As a fiduciary, our services are always fee-only.

Retirement Planning


Retirement Planning Starts While You’re Still Working – and Continues After the Transition

Managing wealth over the decades your retirement will span is hard. Laws change, taxes change, and so will your life. Keeping your finances in top form through all of it requires comprehensive expertise across multiple disciplines.

We’ve spent the last 30 years building a process that brings together all the components of your financial world. We want to share it with you.

We plan with you across every element of your financial life, so you can make the right decisions and choices.

It's possible to pay more tax in retirement than you did while you were working if you aren’t careful. We work with your tax professional to help minimize and avoid taxes wherever possible.


We help keep the IRS at bay by:

  • Providing an annual tax return analysis
  • Model lifetime Roth Conversion strategies
  • Ensure income streams are coordinated in concert and timed correctly.
  • Charitable giving and estate planning tactics
  • Optimize the location of certain kinds of investment property.

We believe portfolios should be built to maximize your chances of meeting your objectives, not to outperform an arbitrary benchmark.

We’ll help you construct a portfolio that optimizes your risk/return profile and minimizes the tax liabilities on your investments.

We use stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, and closed-end funds (CEFs) when constructing portfolios. We’re vigilant about costs and try to minimize them wherever possible.

Tax-smart investing is part of our tax-mitigation process, and we will implement tax loss harvesting plans, capital gains mitigations techniques, and asset location tactics to squeeze as much juice out of your portfolio as possible.

Retirement Income

Moving to income generated by your savings is the biggest step in transitioning away from work.  We specialize in guiding our clients through the process, and no detail is too small.


You’ll learn whether you’re saving enough, spending too much, withdrawing too fast, or invested in a way that’s dangerous to your long-term financial health.


We’ll stress test your plan against a series of shocks, such as entering retirement at the start of a recession or getting hit with unexpected medical bills.


Our goal is to poke and prod and find ways to bankrupt you while it’s still theoretical and on paper. We’ll spend time shoring up your ship immediately thereafter to weatherproof you against future storms.

Social Security

We work with you to determine the optimal time to claim social security. This means exploring how your other income streams, such as rental income, pensions, dividends, and IRA distributions to name a few, impact your overall planning and taxes before turning on the social security tap.


We also factor in health conditions, personal preferences, spousal benefits, and survivorship issues when calculating the best time to claim.


We’ll consult with you on your workplace benefits so that you can take full advantage of what your employer is offering.


Together, we’ll navigate your company stock options, ESOP, ESPP, medical coverage choices, supplemental executive retirement packages, and even review the fine print on your 401k.


Attending the summary meeting once a year during annual enrollment may not always be enough. We comb through the details so you don’t have to.

Full disclosure: we are a fee only firm that makes no money when you buy a policy. We don’t offer insurance, which means you don’t need to worry about us recommending something you don’t need.

Our goal is to ensure you have no gaps in coverage first and foremost. Minimizing and reducing your costs comes next.

We regularly review the following types of insurance:

  • Life
  • Long-term care
  • Home, Auto, and Liability
  • Disability Income
  • Health