What You'll Get in Your Meeting

Tax Snapshot

Portfolio Analysis

Retirement Evaluation

The Steps We'll Take In Your Assessment

  • 15 Minute Call

    We begin with a brief call to get to know you and ensure we're a good fit to partner with you.

  • Gather Information

    We collect all of the relevant information needed to complete a retirement evaluation and clarify your goals desires.

  • Review Your Assessment

    Deliver actionable steps to improve your retirement outlook.

  • Sleep On It

    You may not want to make big changes immediately, that's ok! We'll ask you to think about it and will circle back later with an offer to help.

Who Benefits Most

We are retirement planning specialists who do our best work with:

Age 50+

People who are over age 50 and seeking guidance on the transition from work to leisure.

$500k +

Thoughtful savers who have accumulated investments of no less than $500,000 (real estate excluded)

Ready to Partner

Those who know their time is too precious to be spent worrying about money and prefer an expert's help.


The Retirement-Ready Delegator


Whether you’re 5, 10, or 15 years from retirement, one thing is for sure – retirement is on your mind. 

You’ve spent a lifetime building your wealth, now you want to ensure it can last you through retirement and you can leave a legacy. 


We partner with those who have an investment portfolio of $500k+ and are in the process of planning the next big life event, retirement. 

Our ideal client is one who wants to be a part of the process, but wants their advisor to be the guide in their financial life. 

Questions you may have Before Our Meeting

Absolutely. We can meet virtually, in-person, or some combo thereof. We have clients throughout the country and were working virtually long before the pandemic.

We are a fee-only financial advisor, which means that our sole revenue source is the fees we charge to clients. We do not accept any commissions or third-party payments. This aligns our interests with yours, creates a transparent billing structure, and helps engender mutual trust that we hope to last for decades.

You can call or email us. We can address simple follow up questions related to the assessment without any cost to you. New financial matters, assessment updates, or things otherwise not addressed during the assessment may require us to charge you.

Your Team