How much you can spend in retirement and the savings it takes to get there

Who will go first, you or your money? You’ve doubtless had a nightmarish fever dream playing this out if you’re approaching retirement. Countless articles address it, an industry has developed to solve it (mine), and your friends, family, and neighbors all have their say about it too. But the science behind how to solve this […]

Optimizing Saving and Investing During Retirement

Investing undergoes a few changes when you retire. This of course is expected. You no longer add money to your accounts – you drain them. This paradigm shift requires a new approach to managing money, and its one that runs against the last 30 to 40 years of hard-won habits you’ve established. Your portfolio must […]

The Intentional Approach to Retirement

Intentional Approach for Retirement

Matt Bacon     June 1, 2021 Retirement preparedness is a tricky subject. The Federal Reserve conducted a brief survey on the subject just before the pandemic. 44% of respondents felt that their retirement was not on track while another 20% said they weren’t sure. That’s startlingly high at 2 out of every 3 Americans. We’ve […]