The Roth Conversion Sweet Spot

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There is a period that acts as something of a Goldilocks zone in in determining when to do Roth conversions: the interval between the point that you retire and your first required minimum distribution at age 72. Income is generally lower than it was during your working years, withdrawals from pre-tax retirement accounts aren’t mandatory, […]

When to Withdraw from a Roth IRA

Designing a Roth withdrawal strategy creates happiness

Most posts, blogs, and discussion boards we see feature lengthy comments about adding to a Roth IRA. When do you convert? What tax brackets make sense for contributions? Am I even eligible in the first place? But what do you do when you’ve made the choice to build a Roth IRA and have reached the […]

Inherited Roth IRA Rules

Inherited Roth IRA Rules

Inherited Roth IRA Rules can be complicated. This is especially true if you inherit an account as a non-spouse beneficiary. Understanding how these accounts work, what the rules are for withdrawing money, and the tax consequences that follow are all critical to maximizing the value of your inheritance. We’ll break down everything you need to […]