Multiple Compression: 7 Reasons Why the Market is Selling Off

January is off to a no good, very bad, terrible start to the year. We’ve seen three consecutive down weeks and some very painful corrections in individual names like Zoom, Peloton, and Moderna, who are all down more than 40% from their 52-week highs. Why is there such a bloodbath in stocks right now? The […]

Twitter Flirts with a New Business Model

Matt Bacon      February 10, 2021 Twitter is flirting with a new business model. Analysts have long lobbied for a subscription model at the company and may yet see one. When asked about a subscription model, CEO Jack Dorsey said on a Tuesday earnings call that “We will continue to build out these teams […]

The Story Behind the Wall Street Bets Reddit Thread and an Epic Short Squeeze

Gamestop (GME) is having its best worst week in company history. It started the year at a modest $17.25. This week it set an intraday high of $483, representing a 2,700% return. That’s impressive for a company with an obsolete business model. Their highest margin business line is in buying and reselling physical video games. […]

Why the TikTok App Ban is Making Waves

Matt Bacon         Sep. 23rd, 2020   The Trump administration has railed against Chinese owned social media company TikTok in recent months citing grave national security concerns around data privacy. The rhetoric reached a fever pitch in mid-August with President Trump threatening a full TikTok app ban if corrective measures weren’t immediately taken. Despite a relatively […]

More Reasons to Doubt Tesla

August 21st, 2020 We published an article yesterday stating our concerns about the soaring price of Tesla and how we feel its grossly overvalued. We cited a few metrics to support our case, and on the day we published the article the stock price of TSLA jumped another 7.5%. (Obviously we need to increase our […]

Why We’re Not Loading Up on Tesla

By Matt Bacon Aug 19, 2020 Note: Carmichael Hill maintains a position in Tesla Telsa is arguably the hottest stock of the year having climbed nearly 330% in the first eight months alone. Few stocks can match its performance. None can match the hype. Despite this, our Tesla stock prediction is bearish over the long […]