Tesla Finally Cracks the S&P 500

Tesla Logo

Matt Bacon         Nov 20, 2020 Tesla marks yet another milestone this week as it joins the S&P 500. The company will officially join the index on December 21, 2020. The stock is up about 478% year to date, though earnings growth is paltry by comparison. Inclusion will drive the price even higher as assets tied […]

More Reasons to Doubt Tesla

August 21st, 2020 We published an article yesterday stating our concerns about the soaring price of Tesla and how we feel its grossly overvalued. We cited a few metrics to support our case, and on the day we published the article the stock price of TSLA jumped another 7.5%. (Obviously we need to increase our […]

Why We’re Not Loading Up on Tesla

By Matt Bacon Aug 19, 2020 Note: Carmichael Hill maintains a position in Tesla Telsa is arguably the hottest stock of the year having climbed nearly 330% in the first eight months alone. Few stocks can match its performance. None can match the hype. Despite this, our Tesla stock prediction is bearish over the long […]

What’s behind the Apple and Tesla Stock Splits?

By Matt Bacon – August 12th, 2020 On July 30th, Apple (AAPL) announced a four for one stock split effective 8/31/20. Tesla (TSLA) followed suit a week and a half later with the announcement of a five for one stock split also effective 8/31/20. The intrinsic value of Apple and Tesla won’t change one iota […]