The 401k Age 55 Rule for Early Retirement

401k Age 55 Rule man awaiting early retirement

Retirement accounts like IRAs, Roths, and 401(k)s offer incredible tax benefits. But those benefits come with strings attached. You cannot generally take money out of a retirement account prior to age 59½ without incurring a penalty, though there are exceptions. Congress recognized that not everyone would retire in their 60s when they created this legislation […]

Making the most of company stock in your 401(k)

401(k) plans are a great way to save money for retirement, but you have to manage it well! You are responsible for selecting investments and you will ultimately bear the brunt of your choices. Its critical you get it right! Many employers will put ‘guiderails’ on the plan by limiting investment choices to a selection […]

Explained: How to Hit the Upgrade Button on Your 401(k)

Your 401(k) savings will be used to create a good portion of your income in retirement, so getting as much money in there as possible while you’re working makes sense. If you’ve been contributing the maximum every year – good job. But there are other moves you can make that can significantly boost the value […]

3 Ideas to Steal for Navigating the Biden 401k Changes

Biden 401k Changes

Matt Bacon        March 4, 2021 President Biden made waves during his run for office with a series of progressive legislative changes. One of those is moving closer to fruition. In a recent Senate hearing, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen announced that she is looking into changes to current retirement plan rules. Yellen didn’t elaborate on what […]

Where should you roll your 401k?

Paint Roller with Dollar Bills and Green Background

Matt Bacon        March 1, 2021 Where should you roll your 401k? This is one of the most asked questions we field. That, and “who is the best”? Like everything it’s a matter of perspective, but regardless of the answer we’re always struck by the knowledge gap on who the players are and what they actually […]